5 Things I want to Help My Audience With

I want to review writing tools to help people choose what works for them.

1. I want to review and test various writing software and get deep into what works and why so they can make intelligent decisions.

I want to include little tutorials for the ones that I find most useful. So many people have Scrivener related blogs. How can I make mind more useful?

2. I want to review writing techniques and report back on my findings. I want to suggest best practices for making them work and show concrete examples.

These could be classic techniques, books, articles, etc. I want to have a brilliant library people can go to to try out new ideas.

3. I want to review writing courses, really showing what’s useful and what isn’t. What’s worth their time and money and what isn’t.

I want to buy them with my own money and will contact the author only if I’m giving them a great review. Less than steller reviews will be in a roundup post.

4. I want to review books on writing but explain why they’re so good.

For example, Stephen King’s On Writing is widely considered one of the best books on writing. Why? Is it worth the hype?

5. Lastly, I want to try other, less conventional writing techniques and have smaller posts, like a roundup happening each week.


I try out all the writing ideas, techniques, courses, etc so you don’t have to.

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